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  Frequently Asked Questions:  
  Pre-Sales Questions  
  Technical Questions  
  Account and Billing Questions  
  Pre-Sales Questions  
  • Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?
    Not at all. You can pay Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually or 2 Years at a time. You can also cancel at any time. The difference will be refunded in most cases. (If you have a "Special Package" or a package offered at a lower rate due to billing cycle then it is defined therein what your commitments are.)
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  • How soon will my account be set up and ready for use?
    Account orders are placed in a queue and are processed in the order in which they are received. Your site can be uploaded to our servers immediately after domain resolves and you receive the welcome email, which will contain the IP address for your account, plus the password for the username chosen during signup.
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  • Do I have access to update my site 24 hours a day?
    Absolutely. Whether you're a day person or a night owl, your site is available for you to update.
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  • Can you register a domain name for me? Can you set up domains other than .com, .org, and .net?
    We can register .com, .org, and .net names for $25/year, .info, .biz, and .name for $50/2years with you as the registrant. We can also assist with registering other domains, as well (fees for registering other domains will vary by country). Please contact our sales department if you require assistance in registering other domain types.
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  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    Yes. If for any reason during the first 30 days as a lovedialup.com customer, you are not completely satisfied with any of our services, we will cancel your account and refund your money for that month's service.
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  • I see some hosts offering "unlimited bandwidth". Why don't you offer this?
    Technically speaking, there is no such thing as "unlimited bandwidth." Someone has to pay for the traffic somewhere - and if you check the fine print of some service agreements from companies who claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, you'll probably find that they do charge for traffic over a certain amount. We dispense with the fine print.
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  • Do you host Adult sites, warez sites or sites containing illegal material?
    Illegal NO. Adult sure as long as it's legal. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for policies regarding this. Or just email, ask about your particular site or business'
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  • Is my site backed up and how often?
    NO You are responsible for your website files and backups should be done on a monthly basis. PLEASE make backups!
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  • How fast are your connections?
    Our servers are located in the Network Access Corporation (NAC) Network Operations Center (NOC) in Houston, Texas. The network is monitored around the clock. NAC offers 15 diverse OC3 and DS3 connections to multiple backbones.
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  • What are your server specifications?
    The Current servers are a mix of server ranging from dual 1 GHz AMD Duron machines with 1 GHz of RAM to Pentium 4's.
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  Technical Questions  
  • I changed my control panel password and now I can't get in.
    Passwords are case sensitive and are limited to 8 characters. If you entered a password longer than 8 characters please try entering the first 8 characters when logging into your control panel. Try to reset your password via the "Forgot Password" link. Or contact support if you are still having troubles.
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  • How do I get my email?
    If you're familiar with your email client's setup, use the following information to retrieve email from your POP account:
    Incoming mail (POP3) server:
    Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:

    (Dial-Up Only Users Will Use mail.lovedialup.com)
    (Users who prefer web-based email Click Here)

    * set SMTP authorization within your email program to have the server authenticate you as a registered account holder.
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  • I want to get started right away, but my domain name hasn't transferred/isn't in the database yet. How do I do it?
    You can upload your page(s) immediately by pointing your FTP client to the IP address given to you in you welcome e-mail or via FrontPage Extensions.
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  • What is the path to perl?
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  • Where should I put CGI scripts for my domain?
    All CGI scripts should be uploaded to the cgi-bin folder,located under your root folder, for your domain. Be sure to follow the instructions for the script you are uploading regarding setting permissions on the files and folders you create, as they vary from script to script
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  • I uploaded my files, but I don't see my page?
    If our default "Welcome to the Future home of", index.html, has not been replaced by another index page, then anyone going to domainname.com will still see that page instead of some other home page. This is the order in which the web server looks for a page to put up as the "home" page: >DirectoryIndex: index.html, index.shtml  Just delete the index.html file and anything after it in this list will then come up automatically. Notice that "home.shtml" is NOT on the list and so will not show up as your home page. You would need to rename it.
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  Account and Billing Questions  
  • Can I upgrade my plan or features later?
    You can purchase new or expanded features, or upgrade to a new plan. There is no set up fee for upgrading.
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  • How can I change my account or billing information?
    If you need to update your account info or billing information please login to you billing account here and edit the info to your desire. If you need to change FTP or email passwords use the control panel. Or contact us for help here: Account Maintenance
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  • What happens if I go over the bandwidth limit for my account?
    If you exceed the bandwidth limit for your account the overage amount will be automatically billed at a rate of $5 per gigabyte per month.
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  • What is the cost for additional features?
    You can add additional features to the plan that you signed up for. Below are the rates for some commonly added features.

    Disk space - $2 per 20MB per month.
    POP 3 email address - $1 per address per month. If you need multiple addresses added please contact us for bulk rates.
    Bandwidth - $5 per gigabyte per month
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  • How do I cancel my Account?
    You can cancel your account at any time by sending email to cancel-request@micxz.com. There are no cancellation fees, and no notice is required. Any fees paid to that point are non-refundable, unless cancellation is made within 30 days of opening the account. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for further information.
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  • What about billing and over due policies?
    Invoices are due 14 days after creation. Accounts will be given a grace period of 30 days after, if payment is not received within the grace period your account will be deleted from our servers.
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